Molly Worth, Senior Copywriter

Molly has more than 20 years experience as a copywriter in both agency and client environments. Molly has proved essential during her 15-plus years with Peri Marketing in creating and fine-tuning the brand voices of the Denver Health Foundation, Denver Health Medical Center, Denver Public Health, Dumb Friends League, Estes Park Health, Fred Meyer Jewelers, Kirkland Museum of Fine & Decorative Art, Glenwood Medical Associates and more. Whether she’s writing for a nonprofit, a small startup or a large corporation, Molly brings a customer-centric focus to her writing that helps catapult products, programs and brands to the next level. She began her career working on accounts like Grease Monkey, The Denver Center Theater Company and The Children’s Hospital. She then honed her creative skills creating multi-media campaigns for Norwest Banks of Montana and Wyoming, Beau Jo’s Pizza and the Bonfils Blood Center. A graduate of the University of Missouri Journalism School, Molly holds a bachelor’s degree in Journalism.